Artistic gymnastic club, Belgrade, Serbia

First of all that everyone who is interested in the artistic gymnastics club “Pobednik” must know is that the trainings are held at six different locations in the city of Belgrade.

All this means that the applicants will choose whether they are responsible for the training of rhythmic gymnastics at Vračar or Palilula, or in the area of Zemun, Mirijevo or Novi Beograd.

In particular we have to allocate space at the Belgrade Fair, which is located in hall number 4.

The top equipment of the space is what the artistic gymnastics club “Pobednik” is known for and it is used exclusively by the equipment of the well - known and most famous world manufacturers.

Also, the authorities in this club also take into account the quality of the professional staff, so that only proven experts, with many years of work experience are selected exclusively.

It is known that there are numerous benefits from dealing with sports discipline and usually groups are made according to the age of the participants.

Apart from group training, the artistic gymnast club also organizes individual trainings of rhythmic gymnastics and for students of different ages.

All price information and terms of the training are available on the phone numbers of this club 065 8 555 222 and 063 8 555 222.