Individual training for artistic gymnastics, Belgrade, Serbia

It is known that someone who is engaged in any sport should not stop training, even when he is going to a holiday in another country. For this reason, over the summer, but also during all other months, there is a rhythmic gymnastics in Belgrade, and for everyone who is interested.

In fact, throughout the year, the gymnastics club “Pobednik”, Beograd, works on a total of six locations, besides rhythmic gymnastics, offers the possibility of attending many other disciplines.

It is certainly the most extensive and superbly largest hall in the hall of the 4th Belgrade Fair, and the clubs are distributed throughout the city, so that except for Vračar and Palilula, and individual training for artistic gymnastics in Belgrade is organized in the Mirijevo area, then Zemun and Novi Beograd throughout the year .

Through telephone numbers 065 8 555 222 and 063 8 555 222, all interested will receive information about the location of the training, the same as for terms and prices.

In addition to organizing individual training for artistic gymnastics, the gymnastics club “Pobednik” offers the possibility to attend the training of sports gymnastics for students of different ages, and it also offers trampolines and acrobatics.

In all six locations, special attention is paid to the quality of the equipment, which is used by trainees and professional staff, so that interested parties should not be worried at all.

Apart from having years of experience in coaching, experts who are employed in this club have themselves also been rhythmic gymnastics competitors, so they will certainly find a way to transfer the foreseen knowledge to each participant.