Individual training for gymnastics, Belgrade, Serbia

At six places in Belgrade, there is a club that offers group training, but also gymnastics club “Pobednik” can, at the request of the trainee, to organize a different kind of training.

One of them is an individual training for gymnastics, which is a special kind of convenience that this club offers at very affordable prices.

Taking into account that only one person attending the training, this gives the teacher maximum attention and adjusts the training exactly to his needs.

In most cases, people who compete are interested in individual training for gymnastics, but of course the gymnast club “Pobednik” offers the opportunity to train everyone else in that way.

It is important that everyone who is interested knows that the gymnastics club that we have mentioned organizes training in a total of six locations in Belgrade, so that they can choose between the possibility to individual training for gymnastics attending in the hall of the 4th Belgrade Fair, but also in the area of the municipalities of Palilula, Vračar or Zemun, and in the territory of Novi Beograd or Zvezdara.

They should contact gym club in Belgrade at the selected location via telephone, and the numbers are 065 8 555 222 and 063 8555 222, in order to get all the necessary information on registration and price.

During the entire year individual trainings for gymnastics can be organized and it is necessary that everyone who is interested first of all contact this club and to ask directly about prices and to get other information.