Rhythmic gymnastics in Belgrade

In addition to the fact that rhythmic gymnastics in Belgrade, and thanks to the existence of the gymnastics club “Pobednik” organizes on several locations, these trainings are available throughout the year for people of different ages.

This gymnast club has one of the largest gyms, which is located in the hall 4 at the Belgrade Fair, but the rhythmic gymnastics trainings are organized at 5 more locations and they are located in the Belgrade municipality of Vračar, as well as in New Belgrade and Palilula, as well as in the municipalities of Zemun and Zvezdara.

All that means that rhythmic gymnastics in Belgrade is available to anyone who has the wish to learn something new.

They have great advantages for all children, whose parents enter them for training, because they will, besides strengthening muscles and improving their physical condition, help them to strengthen their mental abilities. Also, they will learn how to overcome the fear of public performance and step by step will increase the limits of its endurance.

Phone numbers of this club are 065 8 555 222 and 063 8 555 222, and interested parties can also contact the club's employees and get information about everything they are interested in.

We note that the gymnastics club “Pobednik” cooperates with the world - famous foundation called “Sport for children” and that rhythmic gymnastics in Belgrade is organized for a group of participants, but there is the possibility of individual training on request.

The most important thing is that parents of children are the fact that the training is led exclusively by those experts who are the best in their work, so that they will get the maximum out of the children.