Summer gymnastics camp in Belgrade, Serbia

For those who are fans of sports or rhythmic gymnastics, the gymnastics club “Pobednik” organizes summer gymnastics camp in Belgrade, Serbia.

Given that this is one of the best clubs of its kind in the Serbian capital, parents can completely stay calm, because in their children the top experts will take care of the entire duration of the camp.

Otherwise, this club, besides training in rhythmic gymnastics or gymnastics for children, organizes women's and men's sports gymnastics, and it also offers recreational gymnastics.

On the idea of offering a summer gymnastics camp in Belgrade, Serbia came precisely because of the youngest participants, who enjoy having fun with their friends and coaches. Thanks to the attendance of these camps, they strengthen the first team spirit and learn how to overcome various difficulties together. In all this, they will be assisted by experienced trainers, who are primarily good psychologists and pedagogues.

If you are interested in the summer gymnastics camp in Belgrade, Serbia, all informations about the it, included and the price are available all year round to the phone numbers of the club 065 8 555 222 and 063 8 555 222.